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"Trading (or bartering) is a medium in which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goodsand/or services without a common unit of exchange(without the use of money)."

A trade or barter exchange is a commercial organization that provides a trading platform
for its members or clients. The member companies buy and sell products and services to each other
using an internal currency known as barter or trade dollars.

Modern barter and trade has evolved considerably to become an effective method of increasing sales, conserving cash, moving inventory, and making use of excess production capacity for businesses around the world.
Businesses in a barter earn trade credits (instead of cash) that are deposited into their account. They then have the ability to purchase goods and services from other members utilizing their trade credits – they are not obligated to purchase from who they sold to, and vice versa. The exchange plays an important role because they provide the record-keeping, brokering expertise and monthly statements to each member.

How Trading Is Executed

1. When your business sells its goods or services your trade account is credited with the retail value of the sale in trade dollars (1 trade dollar = 1 US dollar). When you purchase goods or services within the exchange, your trade account is debited the normal retail value of your purchase.

2. Only when you make a purchase, will your account be charged a cash transaction fee of 12.5%.

3. All trades are approved through TBT with an authorization numberissued to the seller and the buyer.

4. All TBT members are issued monthlystatements.Statements itemize all the prior month’strading activity.

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Hotel Accomidations or Limousine Service?
Big or small, we can find it for you on trade.

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